Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Reduction Sale

I know this is a couple of days late, but I wanted to say thanks to everyone that came downtown on Saturday morning, waited in line in the cold and then got smooshed and trampled once inside the sale to get all of the great deals that were offered at Saturday's Reduction! 
This was the best attended reduction event that we have had yet!  We will admit that, though we thought the energy of crowd and the line were pretty great, we could have used quite a bit more space.  We promise that the next event will be a little more mellow and spacious.  Fingers crossed that Wonderland's event space will be available at that time.
We Are Glitterarit stopped by the event and got some great photos- you can see more photos here.

If you missed this event and want to make sure that you know when the next one will take place, just sign up for our email list on the bottom right corner of our homepage or "like" us on Facebook.

Everything that we had left after the sale was further marked down and is available at the shop.  All of the gift items that were left over are now in a $1 bin including some Havaianas, photo jelly lenses, journals and travel organizers. Pop in the shop to geat some great deals on older merchandise and check out all of the great new stuff we have rolling in for Spring/Summer!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

New books from McSweeney's!

We are thrilled to be carrying books from McSweeney's!  If you are not familiar, McSweeney's is a small publishing house that started out as a literary journal, edited by Dave Eggers, that published only works rejected by other magazines.  Today, the publication has grown to be one of the country’s best-read and widely-circulated literary journals.  McSweeney’s Books has published over thirty-five titles, and we are happy to have a handfull of them in the shop.  
Josh and I both just finished reading Zeitoun.  I was worried that it was just going to be another book about Katrina, but it blew my mind.  Dave Eggers is one of my favorite writers, so I love the general tone of the book and the store of Abdulrahman Zeitoun, a Syrian-American entrepreneur who stayed in New Orleans to protect his house and business through the hurricane is almost unbelievable.  It made me feel guilty for not being outraged enough about what was happening in our country at that time.

On a lighter note!
We are strong believers in everyone pulling their own weight in a household, so we are big fans of The Baby Be of Use series.  These books teach your young ones helpful skills like how to make you breakfast, do your banking, fix your car, and mix a great drink.  Goodness knows they have the time.

We also got in this gem.

We would love to start carrying the Quarterly as well, we just don't know if there is a demand for it.  So, if you would like to see the journal being stocked at Tigertree, please just let us know.  

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Textile Love: Ace & Jig Spring/Summer

The new Ace & Jig spring/summer pieces came in yesterday!  This line is all about the fabric.  
Each season, they work hand in hand with textile specialists in India to create 3-4 yarn-dye woven fabrics and then make a handful of simple silhouettes from them.  No denim, no shoes, no tee shirts. Just a few effortless piece that allow the fabric to speak for itself.   

Each piece is made by hand in India on an ancient hand loom.   The designers are often on site where they can work with the weavers one on one. Equally important, they share the same morals and values while practicing the holistic kaizen philosophy of continuing to improve. Not only do they provide free childcare, but they also use reclaimed water to grow organic produce for their employees.
The end result are accessible clothes that are not overstyled, pieces that you keep forever and love.  Each silhouette hopes to be quintessential pieces that live and travel with you.

Monday, March 14, 2011


I am so ready for spring.  I have already started refusing to wear my heavy sweaters and boots. I can layer and have chilly ankles, but I am not looking back! 

To celebrate the official start to spring, we are growing 100 plants in the front windows. 
 There is a mix of herbs and flowers and, thankfully, they are starting to emerge and make the storefront look a little less silly. 

We have been getting new shipments of summery goodness in ever day.  A few highlights:
The Hannah dress in Feather Print is one of my favorite things that we have ever had in the store!  It is fully lined and has a petticoat for extra volume at the bottom.  Oh and also, nice deep slit pockets!  I think this dress is perfect for weddings, fourth of july gatherings, or just generally looking adorable.
The Lebedev Dress dress has an amazing back cutout detail and contrast snaps.  Also, pockets.   Everything that POPOMOMO makes is made in the US and 100% organic.
The spring/summer collection from Many Belles Down is so cute and inexpensive!  The Achy Breaky Dress is one of my favorite pieces and retails for $52!  It has pockets too.. I'm so glad that designers are finally realizing that we want pockets on EVERY dress!

Of course, we have been getting in quite a bit of new men's pieces as well. 
New cotton blazers are in from General Assembly are available in moss and navy.
We have lots of staples from Fred Perry like gingham wovens and knit polos.  
Ben Sherman is doing so many fun piece for spring!  I love this shirt- guess what it has?  Pockets!  It also features cute contrast cuffs.  Another favorite is this reversible woven which can be worn on the blue side or switched out for red.  

In the spirit of not wanting to even think about cold weather any more, we have taken an extra 50% off of all winter coats and jacket.  Take a look at those along with other crazy cheap sale items (there is a $9 dress!) on our website.  Women's is here and men's is here.  

Monday, March 7, 2011

Tigertree Exclusives!

People ask us all the time how we decide what to carry in the shop.  Simple; we carry what we like.  When we see that there is a need for certain products that we just cannot find on the market like fun jewelry that is affordable, comfy t shirts that aren't over-designed, simple leather belts in good colors at decent prices, etc, we make it!  And if we are not skilled enough to make it with our own hands, we find other local people who can!  As such, we have amassed quite a few Tigertree exclusives over the years.  Some of our current favorites:
Okay, so obviously we are the only people that carry our logo tee, but I bet other shops would if we would let them!  Our logo was designed by the most talented graphic designer alive, Jon Klassen, and it is hand screened on ridiculously soft tri-blend tees right here in Columbus!

This Columbus graphic was taken from an early 1900's book.  The book taught 10 year old boys how to be bigger bad asses than any grown man in this generation could dream of.  Thus, the paddles and guns. Again, locally screened on The Most Comfortable Shirt in the World.
Our most well-known commissioned work would probably be our Ohio necklaces which are made by local artist, Anne Holman.  She cuts each recycled sterling silver pendant out by hand with a jewelers saw!  Each one!  Every curve!  By hand!  We have seen a lot of people out there copying this necklace, but I don't think you can improve on the beautiful and simple design that Anne made.  

I've never been a jewels kind of girl and, to be honest, I just don't like spending much money on jewelry.   I wanted to be able to give our customers unique and fun pieces that were super affordable, and the best way that I found to do that was to just make them!  I mix a lot of vintage and new elements to create statement pieces that never cost more than $36.  
Our line of belt buckles made from the covers of discarded library books is what eventually led us to ope Tigertree.  To be fair, these are not exactly a Tigertree exlusive.  Over the years, we have been honored to have them sold by some of the best retailers in the world; Fred Segal was our first account and Bergdorf Godman and Henri Bendel followed soon after.  No I will not pick up those names I just dropped. 

Once we opened the shop and were actually meeting the customers who were buying our buckles, we realized that may of them were in need of a good belt to wear them with.  Again, after a pretty extensive search to find a quality handmade product at a good price, we gave up and decided to learn how to make them ourselves.  The belts pictured above have quote hand punched into them in tribute to our favorite author, Kurt Vonnegut, they are also available plain. 

Look for more Tigertree exclusives coming this spring and summer!  We will definitely have new tees and we also have some great vintage collections in the works!