Monday, March 29, 2010


New toms are IN!  The spring styles are so cute, sizes are going to run out fast!  Give us a call to reserve yours at (614) 299 2660

Harbour Cordones $69

Olive Canvas $44

Ash Canvas $44


Yellow Linen $48

Blue Linen $48

Black Wrap Boot $98

Red Canvas $44

Ash Canvas $44

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I love my brand.

I am spending most of today branding.  No seriously branding.  Yes, I know I have a brand but like branding branding, like actually branding.  No, ugh, just look:

Yes, we got a tiny branding iron and our now putting our mark on everything (including my wrist accidentally)  in the store.  Like all of our projects this one has several steps beyond the expected so the next few days will be heating, stamping, hanging, soaping, scrubbing, drying, repeating and putting out small fires (just kidding landlord)  and applying burn cream (not just kidding self) but it should be worth it.  I know we just did a post about him, but we were lucky enough to have this guy design our incredible logo for us and it belongs on more stuff.  Now if we could just find a really loyal customer...

Also, and stop reading now if you are not a geek, we are producing analog Foursquare Badges!  We'll have the whole series, including a special Tigertree badge that you can only pick up by physically checking into the store but the rest of them you can buy on our website.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

I have always had a fascination with watches.  I am sure I have said this several times on here, to you in person, on twitter...  but my grandfather was a watch repairman and it instilled the love.  He rarely worked on anything exotic, mostly old timex or casios.  So my collection of watches from him ranges from a few rare time pieces to over a hundred fun, inexpensive watches. 
So my love affair with cheap, fun watches clearly would lead me to those only available on the streets of Tokyo.   Unfortunatly I am a little tied down right now, so being unable to pick up and go there  I spent weeks finding a distributor, getting orders lost in translation, waiting for customs and finally I am able to provide fun, colorful, insanely inexpensive, digital watches.  All of these are priced at $22 and now that our website is finally functional, you can buy one online!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Good Day Sunshine

It's spring, the sun is shining, and we could not have a more appropriate line for the conditions than Dear Creatures.   Now, in addition to the incredible dresses and rompers you have grown to love, they have produced their first season of menswear! 
If you have been a Tigertree customer for a while, you would have remembered how sad we were when Brown Sound went away.  When Dear Creatures designer, Bianca, wanted to add a men's collection, she didn't have to look very far; her boyfriend, Rob, was the designer for Brown Sound.  We like to think of Dear Creatures menswear like Brown Sound's more refined older brother.  It takes cues from decades past and applies them to contempoary mensware.  You will see a style reminiscent of Brown Sound but with better fabrics and a closer attention to detail.

Captain Dress

Cherbourgh Dress

Edwyn Chambrey

Edwyn Gingham
Rowing Henley

Remington Jacket

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Heritage Bags back in stock!

We got a shipment in from our favorite tool supply company today.  Heritage leather specializes in masonry tool accessories constructed from thick cotton canvas and grain moccasin cowhide leather.  Super durable and lightweight, we love the smaller pieces as everyday bags while the larger ones make perfect carry ons.  Available in black, navy and white in a variety of sizes from $50-$92!