Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Mods Vs. Rockers

We are throwing a Mods Vs. Rockers event with our friends at Milk Bar this Sunday night.  We'll have free stuff from Ben Sherman and discounts on Fred Perry and Ben Sherman merchandise.  Milk Bar has some deeply discounted Brixton hats and scored us some free PBR.  The Mod side is clearly winning already since we have FREE Ben Sherman stuff and they have DISCOUNTED Brixton stuff.  Line-up is at 5 PM (Scooters at Tigertree, Motorcycles at Milk Bar, Mopeds I guess can choose), we'll hang out for a few minutes and look at each other bikes, fix whatever broke on the way here and buy some gear if you are in need.  Then we'll take a quick ride through downtown, ending up at Late Night Slice where we'll keep looking at bikes, fix some stuff that broke on the ride through downtown and watch Quadrophenia on the wall. 
You should all help me convince Niki to ride my moped, unless my scooter breaks down again between now and then, in which case I'll need it.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Ace & Jig

I have a small handfulll of ideas to show for my thousands of dollars of  debt from business school.  One of them I will share with you here (for free!): Specialization. 
Think about  people/companies that just do one thing: Raising Canes, Manolo Blahnik, Ray Bans.. just pick something and be awesome at it!
Enter Ace & Jig.  The two brooklyn based desigers (former founders of  LaROK) went to India to fabricate one amazing textile for their debut collection.  No denim, tees or knitwear, just one incredible yarn-dyed woven fabric. A fabric that could lead many lives, and tell many stories. I love the idea of defining a season by one fabric- especially when the fabric is so good!  There are two color ways and we have a sampling of styles in both.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Fjällräven Shipment

Word has is that every generation of Scandinavian kids have worn Fjällräven's backpacks since they debuted in 1978. The classic design is the same today as back then and remains just as popular.   We've got a great selection of colors in now!