Thursday, April 28, 2011

Men's Swimwear Summer 2011

Josh's favorite pair of shorts are made by the line, Paste.  They are simple enough, but are just the perfect length and fit.  When we heard that Paste was making swimming trunks with the same cut for this summer we did not bat an eye at the fact that we have never carried swimwear before.  These HAD to be at Tigertree!  And now they are:
These snap cuff shorts are great because they look good worn at the longer length, but then have the ability to snap up for days that you are feeling more adventurous.  They feature a zip and tie closure and are made from quick-drying microfiber.
The City Shorts are a shorter length (the same as the cuffed shorts when they are cuffed) and feature a great original, all-over print.  

And as long as we were diving in (ha ha) to the world of swimwear, why not add some Ben Sherman?  Everyone knows that we are suckers for brightly colored bottoms, so we could not resist these great Mint Swim trunks!  These have more of a traditional cut with mesh lining and zipper/button closure.  

You know you were planning on wearing those same embarrassing Target board shorts to the beach this summer.  Why not have swimwear that matches your every day style? 

Friday, April 15, 2011

Dear Creatures Spring

There is really no getting around it- Dear Creatures is the cutest line out there.  If you ever met Bianca, the mastermind behind the brand, you would understand that she is not capable of creating things that are not absolutely adorable.  
Last time I saw her, she excitedly told me about how she recently got engaged at a Kitty Cafe in Tokyo. A Kitty Cafe!  My point in sharing this is to say that the preciousness that you see in this line is genuine. Bianca is just that damn cute and her designs just ooze that personality.  
The Spring collection is, I think, one of her best ever.  The feather print (on the Par Avion and Heather dresses) is one of my favorites ever.  The colors are amazing, pair them with the great silhouettes of these dresses and its magic!
I also love the nautical inspiration that always seems to pop up on the line.  The Voyager romper and Ahoy blouse are perfect for the warm weather that we are starting to see.  

Saturday, April 9, 2011

the chances are 2.0 × 10 to the negative 6th

Josh and I went to the Summit last night to see some of our friends play.  We were flattered to see everyone was dressed in their Tigertree favorites.  We ran into Brian Flaiz who always seems to show up wearing the same thing as someone else in the room.  This is so crazy because it is always something from Tigertree and we only get in 6 pieces of every style!  This shirt he was wearing last night is from Ben Sherman.. we are the only shop in Columbus to carry that brand.  So there is a 6 in 3 million chance that someone else in the city will have even own the same piece, let alone wear it at the same time!  AND pair it with the same jacket, jeans and facial hair?? Anyway, this was the scene:

 This was especially funny because we also have this picture of Brian and Jim from last Saturday (also, not planned):
Three fourths of the band was also wearing Tigertree.  Mike and Chris in Obey and Jim in Ben Sherman.
I know everyone says this, but we, for real, have the greatest customers.  Thanks for making our life possible!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Vintage Ties!

A selection of vintage ties are now available on the website and at the store!  I have been collecting these for forever.. I think old ties are amazing.  The details on some of these are great.  That green one in the second row has three button holes in the back so that you can attach it to your shirt!  The cream colored tie in the second row has a tiny YSL symbol embroidered on the bottom and beautiful ysl lining.  The patterned one in the third row has instructions on the label that it is to be worn with a blue or grey suit.  The tie in the top left corner was made in Ireland from pure wool.  
Obviously we only have one of each of these, so if one catches your eye, make sure to swing by the store or check them out on the website fast!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Learn the Ropes in the Exciting, Fast-Paced World of Fashion (or, Do Our Bitch Work Please)

For four years, Josh and I ran Tigertree pretty much by ourselves.  Like all angles- buying, selling, cleaning, book keeping, merchandising, advertising, event planning, etc.  We are thrilled that after so much effort, time and love, the shop is growing into something that is bigger than our little hands can handle.  A few months ago, Brittany Willis joined our team, taking over the shop on Wednesdays and Thursdays.  She is awesome and so much nicer than we are- if you have not been in on those days for a while, I certainly encourage it.

But even with the support of a great third member, we are all feeling a little overwhelmed with the day to day tasks of the store.  In short, and I can not help but be honest here, we need someone to do our bitch work.  Steaming/pricing new shipments, making buttons for the chicken machine, packaging web orders, doing runs to Impero.. plus, of course, utilizing any skills that this person may have to offer to the shop (photography, graphic design, merchandising, etc).

This position can only be repaid by a store discount and the occasional free coffee (which that person will be picking up...).  We can offer credit for anyone who needs an internship.

Basically, this is really only an attractive opportunity for someone who is interested in learning about what we do and how we do it.  Ideally, we would like the person to work one day a week with Brittany (Wednesday or Thursday) and one day with us (the other days), but this is super flexible.  One day a week would be fine.

We have had so many people ask us for internships in the past and we have had to turn them down because we just didn't have anything for them to do.  We now have things to do.  Lots of them.  Shoot me an email at if you are interested!

New Shinzi Katoh kitchen, gift and stationery item are in!

Shinzi Katoh is one of those lines that we have carried since we opened the shop 4 years ago and I can't image that we will ever stop offering it.  What do they make?  Everything.  How do they make it?  Cute.

Official Shinzi Katoh shops are only available in Japan, Korea, Isreal and Russia, but we are happy to bring some of the line's charm here to Columbus.  Here are some of the items that we just received in our latest shipment!

I cannot say enough about how great these insulated bottles are.  We used to carry Stanley bottles which are supposed to be the best ever made, right?  I was never impressed with those.  These things are amazing!  

These larger bottles are a new design for the summer.  I think they make a great, fun alternative to your old, beat up Nalgene.  

Each of these sets includes a small pot, two cups, metal sieve and lid.  All pieces  stack neatly together for smart storage and display.

We have a pretty good selection of quirky stationery items.  They make great little gifts or fun treats for yourself.  

Also new this week: Obey, Toms, and ties for men;  Dear Creatures, By Boe, Toms, Ace & Jig, and Many Belles down for women.  More posts on those shipments to come!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

TOMS Update

We got our biggest shipment ever on Friday and many of you will be happy to hear that it was boxes upon boxes full of Toms!

We have the following styles (pictured above) in Womens sizes 6-10. 
Cordones: Plum Wool, Keya Stripe, and Olive Pink
Slip Ons: Slate, Passport Lilac (vegan), Gold Glitter
Classic Slip Ons: Olive, Red, Natural

We have the following styles (pictured above) in Mens sizes 8-12.
Botas: Highlands Brown
Cordones: Kenya Stripe, Charcoal Chambray
Classics: Chocolate, Red, Natural, Ash, Black, Olive
Slip Ons: Cinnomon Cordoroy, Grey Flanel

That is the inventory as of today (Saturday).  These move so fast- feel free to give us a call to see if we have the styles/size you are interested in!   Oh also- this may seem petty, but please don't come in, look at the above and ask if this is "all we have left."  We are an 800 square foot store, and the above styles represent a back inventory of about 400 pairs of shoes!  You can ask me (Niki) but just don't say it to Josh.  He will give you a dirty look.