Thursday, February 26, 2009

Diana Back In Stock!

35mm fisheye camera.

Telephoto Lens for Diana

Fisheye Lens for Diana

With the overwhelming response to the Diana the first time around we have added some accessories to help you get more out of your experience.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

You're a man now, dress like it.

Smokey - 98.00

Artist - 118.00

We work hard to help you look good. We walk endless miles at trade shows. We scour fashion blogs. We read ad laden magazines. From the top down you pretty much have it together. You've got a great tie, a great woven (buttoned all the way up), a well tailored pair of pants with a great belt and then... you wear sneakers. Why do you do this? You're one step up from the "crazy" guy that doesn't wear shoes around the office and one step below the women that put their tennis shoes on to exercise at lunch. I know you have been wearing sneakers forever; I have too. I maintain a pretty large sneaker collection that gets worn often. With appropriate attire.
The rest of your outfit suggests only two possible options to me. No one has ever told you how you look, or you don't own a full length mirror. You couldn't pair all of those items together so well and miss this one critical step right?
I want to be your friend right now and tell you how it looks, but being the kind of friend I am I want to help you out. We have just received our newest shipment of Ben Sherman footwear. These simple, classic silhouettes will complete your look in a way your samba's just can't.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Death To Pixels

Do you remember how exciting it used to be to pick up film? Or deciding if it was worth an extra buck to speed up the process 23 hours? Do you remember the days when grain added texture that wasn't mathematically perfect? We miss those days. We miss looking through actual photo albums. We miss the old, beautiful pictures of our parents at the beach or playing tennis with wooden rackets.
I remember growing up wishing I could take pictures like that. The colors were always so vibrant. There was a degree of warmth I couldn't get on my camera and still can't get today with a digital camera. It turns out the camera was the problem! We are proud to bring you cameras from Lomography that guaranty to provide you memories your kids will try to emulate with technology you don't understand.

First up is the Diana. It's a medium format camera which means you can blow up that incredible shot of your dog as big as you want. The pictures from this camera are breathtaking. We have it with and without the flash, but both are starter packs that come with a great book that will help you learn the ways of the Diana. It has some pretty inspiring shots in it as well.

The Holga is kind of a cult classic. Each on has it's own personality. You'll get over exposures, under exposures, light leaks... It will make you look like a genius.

The Oktomat has 8 lenses that shoot 8 little pictures in the same frame in rapid succession. There is even a tool on the website that lets you upload the shots and it turns them into a movie!

The Action sampler is the same idea with 4 lenses.

Lomography is all about community as well. So once you get your camera there are micro sites for each one. People share pictures, mods and tips.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Have you all signed up for the Short North Twitter Scavenger hunt?

Just add Shop Short North to your twitter account to receive clues from 7:00-10:00pm on Saturday, February 7th. Each clue will lead you to a different shop in the district where you will take a picture of your find (make sure you have a camera or camera phone on you.) Each picture will be worth 5 points and the person/team who makes it to the final location first will receive 20 points. The winner(s) will receive gift certificates to Tigertree, Sole Classics, Milk Bar, Paradise Garage, What the Rock, Rivet, Camelot Cellars, Rowe and more!

Monday, February 2, 2009

New from Plastic Island + Gallery Hop This Weekend!

Spangle Work Tunic $58

Stripe Sweater Dress $128