Friday, August 10, 2007

Eye of the Tiger Lilies

My parents were in town the last couple of days. There is an, apparent, new tradition of night caps at the hotel (which is invariably the Hyatt) followed by them harassing us to take a cab the half mile home. We eventually tell them we will, which they know is a lie, then we walk home through the convention center. The convention center is really eerie at night. I hate flying so its resemblance to an airport already makes me uneasy; but at night when it's empty I get kind of jumpy. We have had this walk the last few nights, we stop to read the following days convention schedule with titles like "making your perennials and annual success!" I should say there is currently a perennials convention occurring. While eavesdropping on conversations both at breakfast (another new tradition) and the bar I couldn't help but wonder, who are these people? what goes on at this convention? These answers and more were answered last night as we peaked through the door marked "authorized personnel only!"held slightly ajar by a trashcan full of flowers. We could not actually see the band, in fact it was more likely a track, but we could hear the voice flowing up and over the jungle motif which adorned the entrance to this secret room like the waterfall you find just as your canteen runs dry. She was getting ready for the next day of inspiring fifty-somethings to sell, sell, sell! She was doing this by learning her reworded rendition of "Eye of the Tiger." I noticed the first couple of times the chorus ran past us that something seemed off, so I started paying a little more attention to the chorus, which had been changed to "You've Got the Power." I could not understand the verses over the drum track ping-ponging throughout the empty room, so I will trust my gut that they had to do with selling a specific variety of flowers.

Oh yeah, we got some great dresses in today from Free People. Seriously, some of the best dresses we've ever had in. I'll edit this with pictures later, but I really have to go buy some leather.

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