Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Magic Kingdom Of Baltimore.

Niki and I are getting married Tuesday. Disneyworld was all booked up, so instead of going there we are going to Baltimore on our honeymoon. It's actually more of a business-trip than a honeymoon anyway. We're staying in a businessy hotel in a suburb that we booked on expedia, it's a days drive each way for one full day there; and we're actually going there to dig through a warehouse of old books for our line Maxine, Dear. It's pretty fitting for us. I think we'll get more joy digging through the books than we would most anything else. We also really like crab.
Everyone we have asked so far has told us where not to go in Baltimore. So, if anyone has any good recommendations of must-sees, we would appreciate it.
We will be closed on Tuesday for the aforementioned wedding. I wanted to have it in the store, but Niki shot that idea down pretty quickly. But honestly, how could you go to a wedding in someones store and not buy something from them? I still think it was a good idea. Just buy a little extra Monday and Wednesday and everything should even out. Until Saturday Eric and Ianna will be working here. They are very nice, so come spend some time with them.

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Jim said...

Congratulations, you two! I hope the wedding is great, and Baltimore treats you well.