Monday, June 9, 2008

Calm before the storm

The fun chicken laid an astounding 216 eggs on Saturday!

Thanks so much to Jason from Plaster and Paste (and Saar, of course) for playing a huge part in our best Gallery Hop to date. Please head over to for more information on Jasons line. Harass us about what you think we should be carrying or buy from him directly. Thanks to all of you that kept coming in til we finally called it quits ad midnight.

We got new: Original Penguin watches, Bobi, Juice, Shinzi Katoh, Paste Tees, some fantastic stone rings from a new local jewlery artist, and we have more coming this week. I would take pictures, but our air is broken and it's 95 degrees in here so I have a lot of apologizing to customers to get to. I'll apologize to you, and get you a water, when you come see all the new fantastic stuff.

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