Sunday, August 22, 2010

Ace & Jig

I have a small handfulll of ideas to show for my thousands of dollars of  debt from business school.  One of them I will share with you here (for free!): Specialization. 
Think about  people/companies that just do one thing: Raising Canes, Manolo Blahnik, Ray Bans.. just pick something and be awesome at it!
Enter Ace & Jig.  The two brooklyn based desigers (former founders of  LaROK) went to India to fabricate one amazing textile for their debut collection.  No denim, tees or knitwear, just one incredible yarn-dyed woven fabric. A fabric that could lead many lives, and tell many stories. I love the idea of defining a season by one fabric- especially when the fabric is so good!  There are two color ways and we have a sampling of styles in both.

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Jen said...

I remember these from the 80s!