Sunday, October 24, 2010

Flip Flaps!

People ask us all the time how we decide what to carry in the store.  In the case of Flip Flaps, the love affair started one very late night in the New York, New York arcade in Vegas.  Josh was trying to win a new phone or wii game when I noticed a tiny frog in the prize line up, soothingly bobbing his head back and forth.  I made Josh focus his efforts on winning this amazing find, but with no luck.  After spending way too much money, he decided that there might be a better way to go about getting a Flip Flap (as we later learned they were called.)
After a few months of searching and a lot of confusing emails, we were able to bring these treasures to Tigertree!  They are available for $12 which is a steal compared to the money we spent trying to win one! 
So what are they?  Please don't call them bobble heads!  They are solar powered animated friends.  They greet us us every morning when we walk in to the shop and quietly put themselves to sleep when they sun goes down.  They are waiting for you to bring them home and add a sense of happiness and wonder to your desk or windowsill.

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