Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Americana at its best! Pendleton, The Portland Collection

Josh and I spent last week in the desert picking out your Christmas presents.  Its a weird life, this shopkeep thing.

We were attending Magic, the world's largest fashion tradeshow checking out fall/winter collections.  We were thrilled to find that many of the brands that we have had in the store have many good things on the way.  More exciting, though, is finding new lines to cozy up and call Tigertree home.  Our favorite new line from this show is Pendleton, The Portland Collection.
I should say that we really love Pendleton's mainline- its a family owned 140+ year old brand steeped in Americana. We have a couple of great thrift store finds from the brand in our coat closet.  Think of the Portland Collection as Pendleton's super cool daughter who got ahold of all of the amazing vintage pieces in the attic and slimmed down all the fits to make them current.
Pendleton commissioned three local designers from their hometown of Portland to create the line.  It takes their iconic textiles and marries them with independent design.   The vision for this collection is to take the best of what Pendleton has been, an iconic brand for decades, and interpret it for a young, vibrant and global audience.  

We are thrilled to be a part of the launch of this line!  The first shipment will be available at Tigertree in September!  

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Eva / Sycamore Street Press said...

Ah, these are great! I got to visit the Pendleton Mill while on a road trip last year, and loved the quality and look of their woolen things! This new line is fantastic.