Friday, July 8, 2011

Tigertree is Expanding!!

We are so excited to announce that Tigertree is growing! In September, we will open our new storefront at 787 High Street, two doors up from our current location. This new space, which is three times the size of our current shop, will give us the opportunity to significantly expand our offerings! Some notable additions to the usual Tigertree lineup will include one-of-a-kind industrial and school salvage furniture pieces, expanded home and kitchen items, and a well-curated mix of vintage goods. Of course, we will also have more room to offer a wider selection of what you have come to love and expect from us including mens and womens apparel and accessories, jewelry, books and unique gift items.

We will remain open at our current location through August and expect to only be closed for a couple of days at the end of the month to move everything out of the old space and into the new. That does sound like an impressive timeline, doesn't it? Don't worry, we are fast and strong and will call in many favors to get it done. (You can expect our call soon.)

This would be a nice point to say thanks to everyone that has supported us for the past four and half years. You are the ones who make growth like this possible and we are thrilled to be signing away the next five years of our lives to serve you! So much good stuff to come- we will keep you posted on our blog/Facebook/Twitter!
Niki and Josh


seibu1 said...

Congrats, guys! Exciting stuff!

Tanjina hasib said...

Tigertree is really growing faster.We love to have them

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