Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Where Do You Get All This Great Stuff?

The easy answer to this question is "Everywhere."  I think people think we are blowing them off when we say this..  but truthfully, we are on the hunt for stuff for the store every day.

We got a tip recently that there was a barn outside of Cincinnati with stacks off old wood soda crates that the owner was interested in selling.  There are a million uses for these things and we were running really low on our stock at the store, so we headed down there last week.
When we arrived, we learned that the majority of the crates were actually in a small building outside the barn. The owner asked that we remove all of those before we took the ones from the loft in the barn.  
Yeah, that's the place.  That weird little mini barn-shed is one of the places that we get merchandise for our store!  Are you seeing what I mean when I say it comes from everywhere?

Josh made two trips in there, retrieving maybe 6 crates before he found one with a snake in it and called it a day.  And by "called it a day" I mean that he dropped a bunch of stuff and ran out screaming.  

We took a minute to regroup and, with the owner's permission, we headed into the barn.  
Luckily, Josh saw the hornets nest in the loft before he climbed that ladder.  It was unbelievable!  There was a pole laying across the top of the stacked crates and the hornets had built their nest hanging off the end of it.

We decided that we would have to come back in the winter when all of the scary stuff was either dead or sleeping. Hopefully the owner will have agreed by then to let us buy that awesome phone booth too.   

In the meantime, we did pick up a few crates which we took home, washed up and brought to the store.  You can pick one up there for $16.  All are guaranteed to be snake free.  

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