Saturday, September 1, 2007

I'm On Island Time

Some stories and non sequiturs from Magic.

We arrived in Vegas around 11:30, took the shuttle to the rental car place to be greeting warmly by a fellow Ohioan. He told us he would do something special for us because we were from Ohio, which I didn't really understand but we were supposed to get an economy car so I kept my mouth shut. "Lets see, I've got you in a Honda Accord." I thought this was the special thing, honestly. I drive a Ford Focus, so an Accord seemed pretty sweet. He laughed, and so I pretended to be joking. Niki, in a long conversation where non of the parties can tell the other parties are joking, requests a red Mustang. We got a red Mustang. It was pretty funny at first, until we realized we could be driving basically any car for a week.

We did not win. If any of your friends go to Vegas in the future, they will tell you if they do win. If they don't tell you they have won, it is probably a sore subject.

The first day of the show was spent in line. Thanks to all of you who told me I did not need to pre-register. Including Magic.

Von Dutch is back. It is wearing a disguise consisting of Ed Hardy hats and tees, and True Religion jeans. I am pretty sure Niki and I are the only people who can see this. I did drink a bottle of Ed Hardy water, so I may have been infected by the douche virus. Expect to see me in a ridiculous shirt and comically stitched jeans in a week or so.

We went to the pool one day. I had almost submerged myself when Niki pointed out the girl sunbathing spread eagle on one of the islands. She had a pretty gross rash. I guess it is hard to have a rash that isn't gross. It brought to mind a lot of questions about her. To be honest, she looked like the sort that you would assume had that rash anyway. So, maybe she is just so confident that it doesn't matter to her. It did matter to us, and we went to the other pool.

We found out that Eric is at least as capable to run Tigertree as we are. We kind of expected that though, we are pretty sorry salespeople.

Also if you would like an unbiased opinion about how EVERYONE is giving us the finger regarding the parking situation down here, you should talk to him. It is still screwing us pretty hard, but its nice to have someone who can finally empathize.

We got some pretty great lines. A lot of gift stuff for holiday, including Ben Sherman accessories, Modern Amusement eye wear, Andy Warhol watches and these really cool kits by Ready-Made. We picked up a couple of clothing lines and a mens shoe line as well.

I don't know why it (or most other things) made me so angry, but a lot of people wore their convention badges all week. I mean, if you want to keep the lanyard around your neck for lunch, thats fine but I am talking about at night. And on the airplane home.

We spent most of our time at Project. If the convention itself is not enough to give you a migraine; Ed Hardy played an air-raid siren every five minutes, just to remind you how much you hate them.

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