Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Whats in store

So we got our marriage license yesterday. I don't think the courthouse should be operating so heavily on the fact that you have spent a lot of time there and, so, know your way around. It was pretty difficult to locate the right area. The whole ordeal, to those of you that have not been through it before, is kind of silly. The "raise your right hand" thing is hard to do with a straight face any longer, I think we as a culture should try and find something to replace it. They also give you TWO copies that are very nice looking for the purpose of framing. I mean, seriously? Can you scrape a few dollars off our fee or something? Is there enough demand to merit one nice looking copy of your marriage license for framing? The highlight of the experience, though, was the clerks name. Loveless.
Oh yeah, here are some of our favorite things we got in last week:

Wallets by WESC

Long Puff Sleeve Tee By LaMade

Hoodie Dress By LaMade

WESC All Over Print Tee. I feel like I should put the dress on again with this print, because it's amazing and you girls keep browsing by it.

Mens Duffel Coat By WESC

Edana Coat By WESC

Amelia Dress By Dace

Sonya Dress By Dace


Jim said...

Wow, Josh! Congrats on the marriage [license]!

ChrisD said...


Are you guys going to write your own vows for the actual ceremony? If so, I expect you to post a transcript here. Something tells me that your vows would be more entertaining than most. Congrats to both of you, by the way.

Also, would it be possible for you to quit your job and just spend all of your energy on this blog? I need more frequent entries. There hasn't been enough laughter in my life of late.