Wednesday, April 22, 2009

You're a man now, dress like it pt. II

We wanted to let the shoe thing have a moment to sink in before we had a second installment. Many of you, no doubt, spent years thinking you were right that sneakers and suits actually looked good together and admitting your wrong can take a while. Now it's time to talk about your watch.
I have to give credit where it is due, you wear a watch so we're half way there already. Presumably you have places to go and at specific times no less. I know you think you have found the perfect watch that transitions from the gym to the office but you're wrong. To start with you're co-working now so you're closer than ever to your colleagues and the graphic designer next to you is complaining about the smell. Go ahead, pull your wrist up to your face, no one's looking... see. That other watch you picked up in Miami a few years ago isn't doing you any favors either. You know the one with the face that's three feet across with a tribal tattoo on the band? Yeah that one. We're actually taking bets weather you have on an Ed Hardy or Von Dutch shirt under your sweater on account of it.
We have come through for you again though. Skagen of Denmark makes sleek, sophisticated time pieces that are incredible thin and easy to wear. The woven steel and titanium bands are about the thickness of a credit card and the watch itself isn't much bigger. We have some great leather banded watches too. They all come with a limited lifetime warranty and a great watch should last you a lifetime. Best of all, they start at $100.00!

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FAPORT International said...

I like your phrase, and now i will also dress it like a man...