Saturday, January 9, 2010

Post Christmas Refill

We are starting to get in our new stock for 2010. I'm sure everyone says this, but we are seriously getting some amazing things in for the new year. Really.
Josh says that I'm supposed to keep the new stuff a secret for our grand redesign in about a week, but here are a few tasty morsels.
I'm in love with these vintage mini abacus necklaces that we got in today. They are adorable and I am pretty bad with numbers, so I snatched up a pale yellow one as I was unpacking them! They also come in pastel green and blue, black, red and dark blue.

Tons of new pieces from NY darling, Lauren Haupt, are also in stock.

Oh and! Ohio necklaces are back in stock! I know we ruined a lot of people's Christmas plans by running out. Sorry about that. A "just because" gift will get you so much further, though. Give us a call if you would like to reserve one.

And again, we are still collecting pennies to tile the floor (see the last post). Lots of generous folks stopped by today with their stashes and received loads of gratitude and free Tigertree hats. You should join them.

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