Saturday, January 23, 2010

New Jewelry

Five vertebrae from a small snake have been cast in brass and strung on a 19" antique brass chain. The bones fit together so satisfyingly, and move together in such a weirdly snake-like way, you won't be able to stop playing with them.  $90 in brass, also available in bone, $45
This unbelievably tiny (1 1/8" long!) ruby-throated hummingbird skull was originally found in a science teacher's supply catalog. This specimen was cast in sterling silver and put on a delicate sterling silver chain.  $90 silver, $75 bronze

This spring-loaded steel penknife has brass rivets and measures just over 1" long when it's closed. There's a notch where you can use your fingernail to open the very sharp blade. Don't try to wear this when you go through airport security. $45

A mottled brown, black, and white 2"-long feather dangles from a brass mount next to a delicately pressed mesh ginkgo leaf charm. $35

This tiny (1-3/8" long) Hohner harmonica has 4 single holes, 8 reeds, and plays a full octave in the key of C. Brass and nickel plated, and hangs from a 28" oxidized brass chain with a spring ring clasp. $35
A teeny-tiny 1 1/4" glass vial houses a miniature piece of polished amber with a trapped insect. $40

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