Monday, February 8, 2010

Yep, we know him.

If you, say, watch movies, tv or use the internet, you have probably seen some work by our friend, Jon Klassen.  I opened up Design Sponge today to frind a whole entry on him and decided I needed to drop his name on our blog. 
Four years ago, when we were finalizing plans for Tigertree, Jon was our go-to graphic designer.  He created our logo, did mock ups of the interior and exterior of the store, and plenty of other jobs that were way beneath him. 
We obviously love our logo and stick it on everything we have the chance to.  And not just for shameless self promotion, but because its good

A few years later Jon also designed our wedding invitations.
Josh had the image screened onto canvas for framing, which now hangs in our living room. 

We are so thrilled to see Jon getting the attention that he deserves and just want to say thanks for the thousands of dollars worth of amazing work he did for us for nothing.  Everyone should do themselves a favor by visiting his website, burst of beaden.

**Update: I totally forgot that Jon also did our logo for Maxine, Dear.  Sorry Jon, I'm an ass.


Jon Klassen said...

you guys are the best. i hadn't even seen the canvas tree...shoot.

sjt said...

I LOVE TIGERTREE. You guys complete me. Sincerely, Not a Psycho & Just a Big Fan Named Sarah

Tigertree said...
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Tigertree said...

Ha thanks so much Big Fan Sarah (and Jon!)

Lisa the Waitress said...

wow. his stuff is amazing. The Coraline stuff made me want to cry that I'm not an artist - the details and the spirit were awesome. Thanks for posting the link.