Friday, February 5, 2010

Valentines Day Idea #1

I have been so impressed with the number of guys that I saw in the store this week shopping for Valentines Day gifts. In case you are not quite as on top of it as these fellows, I have some gift ideas that I wanted to share with you this week.
The first: gold or silver dipped leaf pendants ($30).

I love these because we have a ton to choose from so hopefully you can personalize it a little. For instance, one of my favorite things about our house is the red japanese maple that is in the front yard. A japanese maple leaf necklace would be the perfect gift for me. Your lady doesn't have a favorite tree? Well, maybe she likes to cook- we have bay and kale leaves also. Maybe you hike in the woods together- an evergreen sprig would be a great choice.
Extra points if you include a note with something about how the leaves on the tree in the front yard die every fall, but this leaf will last forever like your love.. etc. Maybe to take the gag factor down a notch you write the note in this great Oddball Press card

(the inside says "I love you") which we also have. ($4)
This is a good idea.  You should use it.
More tomorrow.


Erin said...

Hi, I was wondering if there was a way that you know of to order those leaf pendants online. I bought one at an expo a while ago and it just broke in half and I'm devastated and I don't have any info on the jewelers that made them, I just remember it was two guys, one from NYC and one from LA or something like that. Any info you have would be soooo great! Thanks!

Tigertree said...

Hey Erin- we would be happy to ship one to you. You can shoot me an email at or give the shop a call at 614 299 2660