Friday, January 14, 2011

While you were busy worrying about blizzards, we have been finding some amazing new stuff for the store!

Lots of great new items arrived at the store this week.  An overview:
Forget Me Knot rings from Brooklyn's Kiel Mead are here!  Cast from a real string ring, each piece is  a great celebration of remembrance.  They are available in sizes 6-8 in sterling silver, brass and powder coated red brass.  

Instant film photography is off the endangered species list thanks to the Fuji Instax 210 wide format instant camera and its easy-to-find instant film. Just like its instant film predecessors, your Instax 210 prints magically develop before your eyes.  No more buying old cameras at thrift stores only to get home, get on ebay, and discover that the film is $10 a frame and you have to pay for shipping from some remote island in the Pacific.  Take that, Polaroid!
I was delighted when I unpacked the new Hand hooks and discovered that they were even creepier than I had imaged.  Each one is cast from the designer, Harry Allen's, unusually large hands.  The Grab hand is a catchall that would be perfect for keys, jewelry, or any small items that.  The Bestow hand has two interchangeable pieces to suit your needs: one is a glass vase, the other a ceramic and metal candlestick holder.  
Our first shipment from Richmond-based, Maslo Design arrived this week.  Each piece is a handmade mix of vintage pieces and new findings.   
We have also restocked on a couple of great items.  

The Orla Kiely travel pieces (the cosmetic case and the cabin upright) are both back in stock.  

We also filled in some Toms inventory with full size runs in Black and Olive for men and Ash and Red for women.  

We will continue to clear out some older inventory this week with 25% off all outerwear and sale items.  Stop by the check out all the new stuff and get some great deals on winter apparel!

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