Saturday, March 13, 2010

I have always had a fascination with watches.  I am sure I have said this several times on here, to you in person, on twitter...  but my grandfather was a watch repairman and it instilled the love.  He rarely worked on anything exotic, mostly old timex or casios.  So my collection of watches from him ranges from a few rare time pieces to over a hundred fun, inexpensive watches. 
So my love affair with cheap, fun watches clearly would lead me to those only available on the streets of Tokyo.   Unfortunatly I am a little tied down right now, so being unable to pick up and go there  I spent weeks finding a distributor, getting orders lost in translation, waiting for customs and finally I am able to provide fun, colorful, insanely inexpensive, digital watches.  All of these are priced at $22 and now that our website is finally functional, you can buy one online!

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