Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I love my brand.

I am spending most of today branding.  No seriously branding.  Yes, I know I have a brand but like branding branding, like actually branding.  No, ugh, just look:

Yes, we got a tiny branding iron and our now putting our mark on everything (including my wrist accidentally)  in the store.  Like all of our projects this one has several steps beyond the expected so the next few days will be heating, stamping, hanging, soaping, scrubbing, drying, repeating and putting out small fires (just kidding landlord)  and applying burn cream (not just kidding self) but it should be worth it.  I know we just did a post about him, but we were lucky enough to have this guy design our incredible logo for us and it belongs on more stuff.  Now if we could just find a really loyal customer...

Also, and stop reading now if you are not a geek, we are producing analog Foursquare Badges!  We'll have the whole series, including a special Tigertree badge that you can only pick up by physically checking into the store but the rest of them you can buy on our website.


amy turn sharp of doobleh-vay said...

LOVE it! Where did you get the branding iron?

mandyrose said...

That's so adorable!

I just love you guys' aesthetic. I am wooooondering if there's any chance we could get some tax write-off pieces or commission pieces for our nature gift-shop, as I mentioned in that CU thread.

We're opening on April 3-4 weekend, but we'll be open till fall. I am trying to encourage more contemporary, fresh, young designers into the mix of traditional naturalist wares. I think your stuff could really set the tone.

Get a hold of me on CU if you are interested, just pm Manatee.