Thursday, March 4, 2010

Heritage Bags back in stock!

We got a shipment in from our favorite tool supply company today.  Heritage leather specializes in masonry tool accessories constructed from thick cotton canvas and grain moccasin cowhide leather.  Super durable and lightweight, we love the smaller pieces as everyday bags while the larger ones make perfect carry ons.  Available in black, navy and white in a variety of sizes from $50-$92!


Anonymous said...

Oh wow those bags are sharp!

My dad (an ironworker) had a valise that looked kind of like that when I was a kid. I always coveted it.

Mandy H

Tigertree said...

We love the idea of having the working mans fashionable goods without all the hard labor. Covet no more!

Anonymous said...

Hey, do u still have these bags available??? I want one...:)

Sidney said...

I NEED one! Canary-yellow please!