Wednesday, November 10, 2010


We have tons of amazing winter clothes and outerwear in right now, but we should take a short detour to talk about our new gifts!  Below are my top 5.  Of course, you should check out this list to get some ideas for the holidays, but I think a lot of these items are perfect for you.. like for yourself.  Today.

I have been trying to track down these amazing hand soaps since I saw them at Cog & Pearl in Brooklyn.  They finally arrived yesterday!  Each set contains 8 tiny vegetable glycerin soaps, ranging in size from 3/4" to 2" tall.  
International Kids notebooks have 30 lined pages each.  Perfect to keep in your bag or pocket for those on the go thoughts.  (Did you know we also carry Field Notes?)
I was never allowed to buy astronaut ice cream at any museum gift shop.  I have a very practical mother. Well now I have a whole case of it.  And I will share.  
Pet Plants are back in stock!  We have succulents and tiny cacti to hang from your bag, rear-view mirror or wherever you need a little green friend.  Things are about to get pretty brown here in Columbus, so I think its perfect timing!  

I just finished up a big new batch of book belt buckles and added them to the online store yesterday.  As always, each piece is made from a real discarded book cover and is absolutely one of a kind.

Tons of other new gift items are on the gift section of the website!  Also I am here at the store with all of these treasures; stop in and say hello.  

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