Monday, November 29, 2010

Josh and I are looking to expand our family.  Nope, not that way- we love using our third bedroom as a walk in closet too much to give it up to a nursery.  We are finally at the point with Tigertree where we need full time help.
We are looking for a very special person.  Someone with retail experience, but not someone who is constantly on.  We need someone who is organized enough to run the operations of a bustling shop but flexible enough to change everything when customers and the market demands.  This is an awesome opportunity to be involved with every aspect of owning a boutique- from buying and sourcing to window displays and visuals to accounting and marketing.. to dusting and washing the windows (yes, we DO do that ourselves..).  Everything!
Of course, we will still be around.  A lot.  And working on the shop just as much as ever.  We just cannot do it alone anymore. 
Josh made this flow chart to help you decide if you should send your resume over.  And yes, thinking Zach Braff is funny really is a deal breaker.  We think it points to serious personality flaws. Anyway, you can email your resume to us at

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