Friday, April 15, 2011

Dear Creatures Spring

There is really no getting around it- Dear Creatures is the cutest line out there.  If you ever met Bianca, the mastermind behind the brand, you would understand that she is not capable of creating things that are not absolutely adorable.  
Last time I saw her, she excitedly told me about how she recently got engaged at a Kitty Cafe in Tokyo. A Kitty Cafe!  My point in sharing this is to say that the preciousness that you see in this line is genuine. Bianca is just that damn cute and her designs just ooze that personality.  
The Spring collection is, I think, one of her best ever.  The feather print (on the Par Avion and Heather dresses) is one of my favorites ever.  The colors are amazing, pair them with the great silhouettes of these dresses and its magic!
I also love the nautical inspiration that always seems to pop up on the line.  The Voyager romper and Ahoy blouse are perfect for the warm weather that we are starting to see.  

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