Thursday, April 28, 2011

Men's Swimwear Summer 2011

Josh's favorite pair of shorts are made by the line, Paste.  They are simple enough, but are just the perfect length and fit.  When we heard that Paste was making swimming trunks with the same cut for this summer we did not bat an eye at the fact that we have never carried swimwear before.  These HAD to be at Tigertree!  And now they are:
These snap cuff shorts are great because they look good worn at the longer length, but then have the ability to snap up for days that you are feeling more adventurous.  They feature a zip and tie closure and are made from quick-drying microfiber.
The City Shorts are a shorter length (the same as the cuffed shorts when they are cuffed) and feature a great original, all-over print.  

And as long as we were diving in (ha ha) to the world of swimwear, why not add some Ben Sherman?  Everyone knows that we are suckers for brightly colored bottoms, so we could not resist these great Mint Swim trunks!  These have more of a traditional cut with mesh lining and zipper/button closure.  

You know you were planning on wearing those same embarrassing Target board shorts to the beach this summer.  Why not have swimwear that matches your every day style? 


yelena yelsky said...

these are cute

yelena yelsky said...

These are cute