Saturday, April 9, 2011

the chances are 2.0 × 10 to the negative 6th

Josh and I went to the Summit last night to see some of our friends play.  We were flattered to see everyone was dressed in their Tigertree favorites.  We ran into Brian Flaiz who always seems to show up wearing the same thing as someone else in the room.  This is so crazy because it is always something from Tigertree and we only get in 6 pieces of every style!  This shirt he was wearing last night is from Ben Sherman.. we are the only shop in Columbus to carry that brand.  So there is a 6 in 3 million chance that someone else in the city will have even own the same piece, let alone wear it at the same time!  AND pair it with the same jacket, jeans and facial hair?? Anyway, this was the scene:

 This was especially funny because we also have this picture of Brian and Jim from last Saturday (also, not planned):
Three fourths of the band was also wearing Tigertree.  Mike and Chris in Obey and Jim in Ben Sherman.
I know everyone says this, but we, for real, have the greatest customers.  Thanks for making our life possible!

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Jim Calder said...

The boys look great thanks to Tiger Tree! xxxJim's mom