Friday, May 8, 2009

Fluffy Co.

When we go on a buying trip and meet with someone who has dye all over their hands because they were printing the tees that they are selling while having coffee that morning, we cannot help but fall in love.
Meet Fluffy Co.
The designer screens their home goods by hand on sustainably farmed pine, their tees are printed in their hometown of San Fransisco on American made shirts, the accessories are also printed in CA on domestic materials.. and they manage to do it all so affordably! Below is a sampling of the new styles we got in today:

Owl Line-up Tee $34

Meadow Tee $34

Organic and eco-friendly Gator Crew $46

Birds of Prey Hoodie $66

Mini Wallets $20

Wall Hooks $34

1 comment:

Anne Holman said...

these are great! i am going to have to check these out later this week!