Monday, May 4, 2009

You're A Man Now, Dress Like It III

You know that saying "character is how you act when no one is looking?" Socks are kind of like that. Most people aren't going to notice your socks. The right socks, however, can be like that perfect scream that makes an Otis Redding song important.
All you have to do is pick a pair of socks that contrast with your shoes and pants and match anything else you are wearing. The more subtle item, the more memorable the scream when someone notices. Match them to your shirt or tie and your "Dock Of The Bay," overplayed but better than anything else around you and memorable. Match them to your jacket liner or collar and your in "Try A Little Tenderness" waters.
The white socks ( or worse, gray athletic socks that you think are passing for dress socks) you are wearing are like James Taylor. No matter how hard you worked on your outfit, you end up looking like a douche bag that likes Dane Cook and spending time on pontoon boats.

There are more styles of Happy Socks than I can post post here but trust that we have something to match everything in your wardrobe. We have them for women too! They are also made in Turkey, so now I have a clever response (this happens at least once a week) to people that can't tell that two stores next door to each other with separate doors, signs, window clings and inventory are in fact different stores and ask if everything is made in Turkey.

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thomas said... have a point, though people don not notice your socks because it is hidden you shoes but still we should also consider the color and style of socks that must be paired in our attire. Can you help me! in this coming month, we will be having a prom night and I plan to wear a prom tuxedos(black) with mens neckties. What is the proper color of socks should I wear?I hope you can help me. I will monitor you blog for your quick response. Thanks a Lot..