Friday, May 15, 2009

TOMS Schedule And Menu

So here is the official (subject to change) schedule for our TOMS Style Your Sole party tomorrow at Agora! I am working to get all of the designs up online but here are a little more than half of them so you can start figuring out when to get there.
We'll also be at the preview party tonight where you can design your own (you can also do this all day tomorrow) and we'll have shoes at the shop so you can pre buy and make sure you get your size, until around 3:00 when I am leaving to set up.
Check back throughout the day to see new designs added.

12:00 Carolyn Slebodnik
1:00 Brian Reaume

2:00 Coreroc
3:00 Walker Crane

4:00 Cyrus Fire

5:00 Jen Adrion

6:00 Marina Goldshteyn

7:00 Sharon Bell

8:00 Adam Brouillette
9:00 Dan Gerdeman

1 comment:

teamtim said...

I'm really loving my new custom shoes from Jen Adrion.