Friday, May 29, 2009

Worthless For The Next Week

I have been petitioning for a Ms. Pac-Man machine for the bulk of Niki and I's relationship. To be honest, I have wanted one for most of my life. I pushed for one when we opened, but our friends who own a great store in Chicago,
, had one and it seemed odd to also have one.
Well today is the first day of the rest of this 1981, beautiful, all-original, Ms. Pac-Man's life. No longer is she forced to spend days at a time, turned off in a private residence (actually the people we bought it from have a beautiful house and it was in a pretty cool room...) longing for the attention she deserves.
Like any good dealer the first weekend is free (play), and honestly it's free until I can figure out how to make it not free. Whoever holds the record will receive a 5% discount at Tigertree until the record is broken.

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